Hot! 3 Easy Ways To Make Your Own Battle Shots

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The Battle Shots drinking game!  You’ve seen it on the Internet, and now you want to play it home.  It might seem too difficult to build one on your own.  Well, never fear; making your own Battle Shots at home is easy to do, and it won’t break the bank.  Here are three easy and cheap ways make your own Battle Shots at home for your next drinking festivities.

First you need to learn how to play Battle Shots.

How to play Battle Shots:

Playing Battle Shots is identical to playing the board game “Battle Ships,” but with the awesome element of drinking involved.  Each player has their own tiled board (10 squares by 10) and positions their ships secretly around the board.  Each square on the board has a unique location; the vertical rows are labeled A through J, and the horizontal columns are labeled 1 through 10.  Each player takes turns naming squares that they think is occupied with part of an opponents’ ship.  To name, they name a vertical row and a horizontal column (i.e A10 or E3) which is how squares are named.  If the square is occupied, the opponent calls out “Hit!” and if it is not occupied, it’s a “Miss!”

In Battle Shots, each player gets 4 ships of varying length: one that is 5 squares long, 4 squares, 3 squares, and 2 squares.  Each square of the ship is represented by a shot glass filled with alcohol (we recommend beer unless you are playing with a lot of teammates).  When your opponent names a square that is occupied by a shot glass, call out “Hit!” and drink the shot and put the glass away.  When all the shots that represented any given ship have been consumed (such as 4 in a row) then you must call out “You sunk my ship!”

Now that the rules are out of the way, I’m sure you are all itching to try it out at home.

3 Easy Ways to Make Battle Shots at Home

There is no reason you have to spend much (if any) money to make Battle Shots.  While there are definitely people who want to go all out making their game boards, if you simply want to sink and drink, then Battle Shots can be made with stuff you might already have!  For each of these boards, it is assumed you already have 28 shot glasses.  Many people already have a ton lying around, but if you don’t, they can easily be purchased online or Dixie cups are also cheap replacements.

Battle Shots #1: Pizza Boxes

Battle Shots

Now this is what I call recycling: Battle Shots made from your leftovers.  Alright, so you probably don’t want to use any real trash, but after a pizza night is an excellent time to drink.  To make the board, take a pizza box and a sharpie and draw the 10 by 10 game board on the bottom (make sure to clean off some of the grease first!).  Then, take an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and draw another, smaller game board on the top which you can use to keep track of where you have already guessed.

Once you have made one board, go ahead and make another one.  When both Battle Shot boards are completed, set them back to back and begin your inebriated gaming.

Battle Shots #2: Dry Erase Boards

You may very well be the type of person to have access to multiple dry erase boards. You can go to the store and get them for pretty cheap if you don’t have them lying around.  If you are, then you are a perfect candidate to play Battle Shots.  You’ll need w dry erase boards, two boards for each player. Each player will need to draw one larger 10 by 10 game board that is big enough to fit the shot glasses on, and then one smaller game board to keep track of guesses (this game be very small if you need to).  Once each person has created their game board, they need to go hide from each other so no peaking can occur.  Of course, they need to be within hearing range of each other.  Once the shot glasses are filled, then everyone is ready to go!  The best part about using dry erase boards is how easy it is to clean up afterward.

Battle Shots #3: Pen and Paper

Now this is for the really frugal drinker.  Maybe you don’t have any dry erase boards or pizza boxes.  It’s also possible you don’t have enough shot glasses or dixie cups lying around to play full Battle Shots.

Well, guess what?  You could still play if you wanted to.  All you need is two pieces of paper, a beer, and a friend.  Simply draw your game board on the piece of paper, and then place your ships by using a pen.  Whenever your opponent hits your ship, fill in the square with a pen and take a big gulp (equivalent to a shot) of beer or your mixed drink.  While this is not the most ideal way of playing, it sure does get the job done and is a ton of fun!

So there you have it, three very easy and cheap ways to play Battle Shots.  It’s all the rage right now, and there is no reason why you and your friends can’t sit down to a nice, relaxing game of Battle Shots.

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