Hot! Best Two Person Drinking Games

Two Person Drinking Games

It is always tough to find two person drinking games, because most of them seem to be made for larger and more party-sized groups. However, there are definitely times where we just have one friend over, and we want to get our drinking game going.  We’ve got your back. Here are five of the best two person drinking games to keep you and your friend entertained all night long.

Two Person Drinking Games


Portcullis - Ball Game

This is an entertaining twist to most ball and cup games, and it feels like spin on the standard beer pong.  In portcullis, you must plan your next move in advance and use strategy to stack, shift and create a blockade around your cup fortress. Strategy plays a bigger role when creating the perfect cup field. Although the drinking level is slightly lower than where we’d like it, this two person drinking game is tons of fun to play.

Mystery PongBall Game

In this two person drinking game, play proceeds just like beer pong, but with a more dangerous intoxication level because it involves different types of alcohol.  The cups are set up in pyramids,  which can be adjusted for the varieties of alcohol you and your friend have. This game can last for as long as you like since all the cups just stay on the table you can just refill and switch them around right away.  It is always a mystery of what kind of shot or drink you are going to end up with.

Driver - Card Game

Driver is a great two person drinking game played with cards that will keep you both at a steady buzz. All you do is switch back and forth between dealers and drinkers. It is very fast paced and you only drink when a face card comes up. The faster you play and pass the deck the more you will have to drink so check your speed when playing this driving themed game.

Dice Wars - Dice Game

Have some dice available? Dice wars is a die game that is very similar to quarters in its game-play. Just take turns bouncing a die off a table into a cup and drink the number of drinks equivalent to the number that is showing on the die. This game is so easy to learn that even a drunk person can do it! Great for just you and your friend hanging out or when the night comes close to an end and you’re left with just one drinking buddy.

Chip and ChugStamina Game

Shoot-and-then-drink is a prominent drinking game theme and Chip and Chug follows suit. Each player gets some poker chips and five attempts to successfully get a chip into their opponents bowl. With plenty of opportunities for drinking this game is sure to keep you and your friend on the edge of your seat, especially if you choose to keep score!

So, there you have it: a few easy-to-learn two person drinking games.  Enjoy and remember to always make safe choices when you are drinking.

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